Nourish your existing business and take your marketing to a whole new level of awesomeness

The Signature Comms Powerpack™ is designed for business owners who are around one to three years in and want to position themselves as the experts/leaders in their field and gain new clients. It's time to level up!


We nail your business’s Signature Comms Framework™, which will guide you and your team to clearly and consistently communicate your services and solutions to your ideal client. Plus we identify the crucial steps to build a more compelling, stand-out visual identity. 

This is perfect for you and your business if…

  • You are somewhere around one to three years in and your branding is lackluster and needs some attention – you’re ready to level it up; 

  • You want your business to look and sound more professional;  

  • You want to position yourself as a leader in your field rather than getting lost in all the online noise;

  • Copying writing and being creative is not, and never will be, your zone of genius; 

  • You have a website and social media channels but it all needs some attention;

  • You have a web designer but they need some direction to revamp it and you need help with that;

  • Your website is really copy heavy and you’re worried you’re not getting your key messages across to potential clients; 

  • Your website traffic is lower than you’d like to be but you have no idea how to reach more people. SEO - what’s that?;

  • You/someone in your team is doing the social media marketing but you/they need a clear content strategy to attract more potential clients;

  • You have tons of content – you don't need anymore. But a lot of it is technical, bland and boring – you want to liven it up;

  • You don’t have the time to be managing web designers, content creators, self-confessed social media experts etc. You want it done-for-you, and a takeaway, easy-to-implement plan-of-action and clear guidance for you and your team;

  • You want women on your side who understand the complexities and sensitivities of communicating the help, support and services that you offer.

  • You want to attract more perfect-fit clients and scale your business. 

  • You are ready to invest into upping your branding and communications game.

Just focus on what you're good at.

Our tried-and-tested SIGNATURE COMMS FRAMEWORK™ provides you with a solid foundation to market yourself and your business across all your comms channels, with simple, straightforward and relevant messaging that will resonate with your ideal clients. 

With this tangible framework to drive the communication of your brand, all you need to do is focus on what you’re good at. 

Your SIGNATURE COMMS FRAMEWORK™ is unique to your business. Use it as the foundation for all your marketing and communications efforts, both internally and externally.

All of your expertise is neatly packaged up into nine simple and easily-digestible nuggets. No more copy overload!

Your SIGNATURE COMMS FRAMEWORK™ is going to set you apart from your competitors, keep you and your team on brand, and attract more of your ideal customers / clients. 

The framework (pictured above) helps to explain the nine steps we take in our Signature Comms Power Pack™ package to transform your messaging from tedious and tangled to clear and concise.

1. We dig deep

Brain dump! First off, we need to understand how you currently communicate your brand to the outside world. And we need to get to grips with the marketing channels you use and the tech solutions you rely on. Step one is about getting everything down in one place - or rather three places, as there are three questionnaires we'll ask you to complete.

2. We define your brand's DNA

We analyze your answers, we'll route around your website, we'll scrutinize your existing marketing efforts and we'll study your competitors. After which, in a two hour consultation at a time that suits you, we'll present the Signature Comms Framework, and get absolutely crystal clear on your brand positioning and key messaging. Then we fine-tune, discuss, rinse and repeat until you're 100% happy.

3. We deliver - what you get...

  • Your Signature Comms Deck - key messaging, keywords, brand proposition, brand values, style and tone of voice. Client pain-points and solutions, and your Signature Comms Framework.

  • Brand copy - circa 1,000 words to support your Signature Comms Framework

  • Brand identity upgrade - logo, colour palette, font and graphics/illustrations* (*extra cost).

  • Homepage overhaul - mock-up in Figma (pass on to your web designer).

  • Communications audit - our recommendations to streamline your comms.

    Mini SEO Audit - our recommendations to help your website rank better on Google.

  • A 30 minute tie-up call to answer any questions you may have and to discuss any further support you might need to grow your business. 

  • FREEBIE - On-brand design visual of your Signature Comms Framework for internal and external use.

Invest in levelling up!

The price of this package is:

£5,800 GBP

$9,900 CAD + HST

We can only work with a maximum number of three clients a month and we will need to assess your suitability for our consultancy packages; we reserve the right to choose not to work with you if we think you're not ready or suitable.

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