We are purpose-driven female founders and brand marketing, copywriting & communications specialists with our own personal experiences in this space.

Our goal is to communicate the core essence of our client’s brand DNA - beyond logos and colour palettes - so that you can connect with your intended audience on a deeper level, and use language that resonates and empowers rather than alienates and daunts.

Our personal mission is to highlight the female founders in this space. 

Our old-school work ethics, personal life experiences, honesty, attention to the details and combined 40+ years of expertise in brand marketing and communications are underpinned by our vast experience working for large agencies and media rooms, then onto running our own businesses. And together, we’ve built a digital travel brand from the ground up. We know what’s needed to build stand-out brands in a crowded space and we are passionate about mental health, travel and wellbeing so we’ve brought it all together to form a one-of-a-kind consultancy that delivers. 



" Lyndsey and Rebecca played a big part in the re-branding of The Hideaways Club, including the communications strategy and new website. They complement each other very well combining attention to detail with the bigger picture.  

Their work involved branding, emotive storytelling, professionally written content, image selection, slick graphic design and a holistic approach across the entire project and with different media to achieve differentiation from our competition.  They are both very passionate, dedicated, hardworking, very professional, creative and results-driven, which impressed me from the outset. 

Helmut Schoen - Founder, The Hideaways Club

Rebecca Miles

The well-being & wanderlust wordsmith

Brunette, mum to Evie, lives in London, UK

I've been a journalist, writing about travel, adventures and well-being in every sense of the word, for near enough 20 years, and for much of that time I've been self-employed. As I settle into my 40s I have the confidence to share the skills and experience I've learnt along the way with other women who are as passionate about their field as I am mine, and navigate the ins and outs of 'the juggle'.

Speaking of the juggle, I wear a few hats alongside Nourish, including editing Charitable Traveller magazine and deputy editing Green Traveller magazine, but it's all essentially about telling stories and communicating. I really resonate with the women we work with – we're all heading towards similar goals, namely having a positive impact on the people around us and not spending every hour of the day chained to our laptops!

Lyndsey Thomas

The neuro-diverse graphics guru & brand strategist

Blonde, mum to Ted & Ferne, lives in Toronto, Canada

As someone who is neuro-diverse and has experienced poor mental health, I am very passionate about shining a light on those who are here to help us, be they therapists, doctors or well-being practitioners.

With 25 years of experience in tourism marketing and communications and a successful marketing agency of my own, which took a huge hit in the pandemic, I naturally pivoted towards supporting female founders outside of the tourism space, and several of these women who came to me asking for my professional help were therapists and women in the wellness space. My personal experiences with mental health were a catalyst for really wanting to help these women to, in turn, help others. 

A story of success, failure, resilience & reinvention as a female entrepreneur

This is a story about success and failure, resilience and reinvention as a female entrepreneur. ...more

Nourishing Articles

October 18, 202320 min read

A story of success, failure, resilience & reinvention as a female entrepreneur

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